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  1. its a worst article .. if u want to get puctibily then comment abt muslims but u know that hindus will newr fight or begave like muslims.. thats y ur teasing hindus .ippo kooda hindus ah kora solli pichai eduthu thinnum naaye nee ellam manusana da?ore indiakulla ethukku muslm ku thani sattam????? can u write articale abt this??muslimsku ethuku ekapatta wife?? & delivering every year kid yyy??? they will say masha allah we need to increase our population ..what the hell . stupidity/ . i hate muslims..this artical -100

  2. durgaSeptember 25, 2010 This is not only in INDIA, it is in so called open , uniseabd and what-not-good of world country USof A>(I hate them), people there are offended whena ISLAM conventional centre is being built 2 blocks away from the 9/11 site. They had some physic fathers swaering to burn QURAN, can you guess what might have happened if that really occured?? and what did US gov say “his actions are not in our hands”So are what people in INDIA are doing.I dream about a situation, where GOD becomes a personal entity and not an issue to fight over.

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